Harrison Torrix 12ft 3 1/4lb

Harrison Torrix 12ft 3 1/4lb
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The Torrix Story

A few years ago Harrison's found a new way blending different carbons to make a better rod blank. Carbon comes in many forms, and by combining four different carbon materials, high modulus, high strength and woven fabric, in specific orientations, we were able to maker a better slimmer rod blank.

Harrison's called it Torrix.

Torrix has grown from a few carp rod blanks into a range of the best rods and blanks you can buy. They have received great critical acclaim and have become the benchmark in top end rods. They are all made in Liverpool England.

The butt and tip utilise two different carbon fibres in the zero axis to achieve low down casting power with forgiving no lock-up characteristics in the middle and tip. At ninety degrees is a ribcage of super lightweight carbon which controls the rod in compression. How the carbon performs in compression is as important in a bending rod as the way the fibres perform in tension. We aim for a design which balances the compression and tension performance to optimise the balance between casting and playing fish. The butt of the rod is given a surface ply of  1k carbon fabric which strengthens the rod, improves hoop strength and reduces torque. It looks pretty good too!

Most popular model is the 12’ 3 ¼ which will cast distance effortlessly in real world conditions and has produced close to 200yds on a casting field. Its also the most reliable rod series ever made. The standard rod is fitted with double leg Fuji  40 Sic ring set, Fuji DNPS 20 and slim shrink rubber abbreviated butt, however at HOOKED TACKLE our models have size 50 ring sets.

People who have bought the rod tell us time and time again with no exception that these rods are the best money can buy. The rod and blank are made here in the UK, so why settle for less?


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