Enterprise Pop-up Sweetcorn

Enterprise Pop-up Sweetcorn
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Product Information

Pop-up-Sweetcorn is a buoyant rubber imitation grain of corn. It is soft enough to be used on the hook if desired, but is best when used on a hair rig along with real grains of corn, of a corresponding colour. Individual grains vary slightly in buoyancy, to allow a bait to be either critically balanced or popped up, depending upon the size and quantity of grains used.

As a guide, 1 grain will just pop up 2 real grains of corn on a size 10 specimen type hook.

It is available in yellow, orange, red, white and black, 10 grains per pack

One grain of Pop-up corn with one real grain on the hair and another real grain on a size 10 Super Specialist hook.

Product Code ENTM7GEO25
Manufacturer Enterprise
Stock Level 10
Condition New


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